Barstow High Memorial


The technical wisdom and know how of these first two men
got the website up and running on the Internet.

Ken Kolbly
(Event Horizons)
(1982 BHS Graduate)
Besides Ken's technical wisdom, he took over hosting
the Memorial on his webserver in August 2015.

James Hutchinson
formerly with
(Event Horizons)
(1999 BHS Graduate)
James gave me pointers on the design and showed me how to make a table.
He is now in the process of writing code for an updated website.
Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this new website!


Steve Curran
(Curran Electric, Inc.)
(1983 BHS Graduate)
For the first 13 years, Steve hosted the Memorial on his
webserver and allowed me to work on it at the office.

This website wouldn't be what it is without these three men.

Thank you Ken, James, and Steve.