Barstow High School Building Additions

Barstow High School is being modernized, with the construction of new buildings,
courtyards, parking lots, the demolition and modernization of existing buildings.
I'm an Estimator for an Electrical Contractor here in Barstow so I see the construction
plans first hand. I thought I'd let everybody know what's going on at our high school.

1. "HVAC Retrofit" was the first project of the new Modernization, with 43 new
air-conditioning units installed in the row classroom buildings. The project began
June 2002 and was completed by late August 2002, just in time for school to begin.

2. "Remodel of Existing Bathrooms" was the next project. Eight (8) bathrooms
were remodeled; new partitions and paint. Completed Winter 2002-2003.

3. "Barstow High School Addition - Service Site - Phase I":
Began June 2003 and was complete by Sept. 2003. The entrance to Campus Way
from Buena Vista was widened and repaved to make it accessible to two way
traffic. Now you can enter and exit the upper parking lot (to the right of Campus
Way) from this newly renovated section. The section in front of the Administration
Building is still oneway only. Six (6) new parking lot lights were added to Campus
Way also. A new parking lot was added on the left side of the Administration Building.
The two trees that were in front of the Admin. building were removed. (It looks
so bare.) New electrical service and water lines were installed for the new buildings
that will be built soon.

Site of new Parking Lot before construction.

I used to sit under these trees at lunch when I was in school in 1974-1978.
Now it's a parking lot for the teachers/staff of BHS.

"B" Hill wasn't part of this moderization project, but the "B" was also remodeled
recently. The original rocks that made up the "B" were taken away and replaced
by yellow painted wood. At night the "B" is illuminated by a bright light that shines
down on it. The rocks were sold to anyone that wanted a piece of the "B".

The new B on B Hill

4. Barstow High School Addition - Phase II
We will be bidding on "Phase II" soon. Here is a summary
of what will be happening in this project:

"Building B" will be a new two story Classroom Building. There will be
5 classrooms, a boy's restroom, a girl's restroom, and janitor's facilities
on each floor. The layout will be identical on both floors. This building is going
to be located where the old basketball courts were. (Near the football field)

"Building C" will be a new Gymnasium Building. According to the plans, there
will be Boy's locker rooms, Staff locker room, showers, janitor facilities and
storage rooms on one end and on the other end the same things except for girls.
In the center of the building is the court and bleachers and at the front is the
ticketbooth / snackbar and public restrooms. The second floor will be above
the boys section only and will have an aerobic/weight room, dance/wrestling
room, utility, and storage rooms. This building will be located where the old
football locker room was.

4b.The bid opening for "Barstow High Addition Phase II" was today,
January 27, 2004 @ 2:00. Curran Electric won the contract. With our office
located just a few blocks from Barstow High we have an advantage over
out of town companies; No storage or travel costs.

The electrical part of Phase II construction began March 15, 2004.

March 16, 2004
Here are a couple pictures of Barstow High School as it looks today. They were
taken just before the sun went down so they're a little dark. You can't tell that the
second picture is the parking lot but you can see that the trees are gone and it's
fenced in. The trees in the background are across the street.

New parking lot on left side of Main Hall A different angle of the new parking lot

Below is the front of Barstow High School with newly planted trees.

Front of Barstow High. Big trees are gone.

Off the subject... Anybody remember The Kelly Motel on the corner
of N. First Ave. and White Street? It was torn down in January after a second
fire destroyed it. Below is the site where it used to stand.

Kelly Motel used to be here.

April 6, 2004
I took a couple pictures at the construction site of the new Boys Gym. This first
picture is to show you where the new Gym is going to be located. The "Aztecs"
name will be blocked by the new building once it is built. The new Classroom
Building will be built near the Gym, closer to Campus Way.

Construction Site.

This next picture is taken from the road that leads into the football field next to the
ticket booth. It looks like they are just about to lay the foundation for the Gym.
(The New Classroom Building will be located on the left of this view of the gym.)

Construction Site.

February 24, 2005
Instead of my usual routine, which is dropping my kids off at the back of
the high school in the morning, I drove to the front of the school where I could
see the new buildings. They've been freshly painted and look nearly finished on the
outside. The electrical crew will be starting the installation of lighting and wiring
devices (switches, receptacles, etc...) in the Classroom building next week. Here
are some pictures I took yesterday to bring you up-to-date on the construction.

The front of the New Gym. The back of the New Gym. You can barely see the classroom building on the left.
The new Classroom Building. It was just painted. Another view of the Classroom Building. There was just too many things in the way.
View from a distance. View from a distance.
View from a distance.

The Mojave River

February 24, 2005
It's been raining quite a bit here in Barstow the past several weeks,
which has caused the Mojave River to flow twice this year. (2005)
Unfortunately it dries up in less time than it takes to get it flowing.

Under the First St. Bridge 2/24/05. Upstream near the First St. Bridge 2/24/05.

Near the First St. Bridge 2/24/05. Upstream near the First St. Bridge 2/24/05.

Apparently it's quite an event to see the Mojave River flowing.
The following pictures were taken the next morning. A little later in
the day there were dozens of people (not pictured) lined up on the
banks of the river just watching the water.

You can see the First St. Bridge on the left.  2/25/05. 2/25/05.
 2/25/05. The water is already drying up since I took pictures last night. 2/25/05.
Downstream 2/25/05.

August 9, 2005
Barstow High School Addition - Phase II is just about done. School starts
Aug. 22, 2005 and the kids should be able to use the new buildings this year.
I'll be posting more pictures soon to show the finished buildings inside and out.

October 21, 2005
I finally got a chance to go to the new gym at the high school but didn't have a
camera with me. The inside is really nice. The second floor is more like a loft or
balcony where you can look down onto the first floor from the railing.
I haven't been inside the new classroom building.

October 2005

Don Bilsborough Memorial Gymnasium New Classroom Building
Stairs to the new buildings This new sign is a gift from the Class of 2003
The old boys gym got a facelift and was repainted to match the new buildings.