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December 28, 2005
Added Daniel Loreman to Class of 1951
December 20, 2005
Added pictures to Class of 1976 and Class of 1977
December 16, 2005
Added Charles Miller to Class of 1977
December 15, 2005
Added Samuel D'Auria to Class of 1976
December 5, 2005
Added Keith Scott to Class of 1961
November 21, 2005
Added a new Site search on the Index page.
November 18, 2005
Removed David G. Beare from Class of 1962
as he did not attend Barstow High School.
November 12, 2005
Added Catherine Belknap Fleming to Class of 1959
Added Ronald Joseph Heaney to Class of 1970
Added James Frederick Hayes to Class of 1975
Added Gloria Pelkey to Teachers, Principals and Employees
November 2, 2005
Added dates for Marjorie Jones Class of 1943
Added dates for Jacqueline Grubb Class of 1945
Added David G. Beare to Class of 1962
October 25, 2005
Added Gail Anthony, Louis Bandeka, Charlene Hawkins,
Ed Jeffries,
and Charles Turner to Class of 1965
October 24, 2005
Added Lillian Stout Heald to Class of 1966
October 21, 2005
Removed Dora Jean Moyer from Class of Unknown Year
She is already listed in Class of 1958
Added John Hankins to Class of 1965
October 20, 2005
Added Walter Upton to Class of 1927
Added Michael Lavato to Class of 1966
October 17, 2005
Removed Carolyn Belknap from Class of 1960
and added her to Class of 1959
Added Dave Fisher to Class of 1962
Added Roy Hill to Class of 1963
October 11, 2005
Added Fred Livingston to Class of 1935
Added Georgia Beecher Livingston to Class of 1939
October 4, 2005
Added Tomas "Tommy" Maes to Class of 1964
September 29, 2005
Removed Denny Campbell from Class of 1979
and added him to Class of 1980
September 21, 2005
Sadly, I had to add Class of 2009
Added Robert Roosevelt-Cossey to Class of 2009
Added Kelly Henderson and Richard Herbert to Class of 1965
September 19, 2005
Added Albert Garnica to Class of 1986
September 16, 2005
Added Sheldon Phillips to Class of 1976
August 29, 2005
Added Roxanne Oaks to Class of 1960
August 23, 2005
Added Barry Everett to Class of 1965
August 9, 2005
Small update for Construction at Barstow High
Added Clinton Proctor to Class of 1947
Added David King to Class of 1974
Added Kathy Hill-Morris to Class of 1982
Added Patricia Ann Reeb and Dr. Leslie Shaw to Teachers, Principals and Employees
July 8, 2005
Added Kennth Mack to Teachers, Principals and Employees
July 1, 2005
Added Charlene Cross and Rudy Lara to Class of 1965
June 22, 2005
Added Pima Tafoya to Class of 1949
Added Wayne DeLaney to Class of 1950
Added Shannon Terry to Class of 1955
Added Katherine Griego Romero to Class of 1973
Added Daniel Van Vactor to Class of 1975
Added Doris Yslas to Class of 1980
Added Melissa Tafoya to Class of 1988
Added Richard Feurt to Class of Unknown Year
Added Troy Bellah to Teachers, Principals and Employees
June 10, 2005
Added Ann Rodriguez Luna's picture to Class of 1959
May 24, 2005
Added Ashley Wagner to Class of 2007
Added Darlene Vix Warwick to Class of 1956
May 20, 2005
Added Phil Gurule to Class of 1966
Added photos to Class of 1958
Apr. 26, 2005
Added Ann Rodriguez Luna to Class of 1959
Apr. 25, 2005
Added 2 years to the Memorial pages
Class of 2007 and Class of 2008
Added Joseph Sanchez to Class of 2008
Apr. 20, 2005
Added Patricia Fahey Piper to Class of 1965
Apr. 19, 2005
Added photos to Class of 1957, Class of 1959, and Class of 1963
Apr. 18, 2005
Added Irene Ballejos, Arthur Brown, Bill Campbell, Ron Childs, James Clinkenbeard,
Ray Delaney, Diane Garrett, Mary Jane Guilliams, Edie Hamilton, Thester Hawkins,
Avedonia Landavazo, Ron Markum, Rudy Medina, Dora Moyer, Kathy Paige,
Albert Pringle, Rose Ramos, Ruth Reynolds, Melvi Ring, M.D. Williams,
and Glenn Wood
to Class of 1958
Added Maxine Gentry to Class of 1979
Apr. 15, 2005
Removed Billy Weilage from Class of 1976
and added him to Class of 1977
Apr. 14, 2005
Added Frank Bonilla, Perfie Chavez, Al Cordova, Joe Courson, Joy Dungan,
Yvonne Flores, Kenny Goldsmith, Don Hays, Gerry Hickman, Lena Britt Holman,
David Hubble, Annie Hunter, Benny Luna, Bob Miles, Dennis Morgan, Garry Oglesbee,
Carolyn Pinnell, Tommy Sherwood, and Nina Yslas
to Class of 1959
Apr. 13, 2005
Added Wanda Askew to Class of 1966
Added Judi Burch to Class of 1967
Added Mark Askew to Class of 1975
Apr. 12, 2005
Added Billy Weilage to Class of 1976
Apr. 8, 2005
Removed Robert Page from Class of 1961 and
added him to Class of 1962
Apr. 6, 2005
Added Vernon Taylor to Class of 1963
Added Robert Livoni and Albert Patterson to Class of 1956
Apr. 5, 2005
Added Linda Hathcoat Thomas to Class of 1967
Added Ruth Hart to Teachers, Principals and Employees
Mar. 4, 2005
Removed Sam Cabrera from Class of 1978 and
added him to Class of 1979
Mar. 2, 2005
Added Louis Copp to Class of 1933
Added Natalie Petit Moore to Class of 1961
Added Corben Kendrick to Class of 1970
Added Antonio Magana to Class of 1972
Added Elena Garcia Evans to Class of 1973
Added Joseph Shileika and Diana Swisher to Class of 1983
Added Karen Garcia to Teachers, Principals and Employees
Feb. 25, 2005
Added pictures of the new buildings at Barstow High School and
The Mojave River on Barstow High Addition page.
Feb. 21, 2005
Added Richard Ignacio Santos to Class of 2006
Jan. 31, 2005
Added Kim Fest to Class of 1987
Jan. 26, 2005
Added Bruce Jones to Class of 1957
Jan. 19, 2005
Removed Richard Livingston from Class of 1940
because he contacted me by email to let me know he
is not deceased.
Jan. 12, 2005
Added Kirk Bowridge to Class of 1965
Jan. 10, 2005
Added Vander Tubbs to Class of 1965
Jan. 7, 2005
Added Michael Hamblin to Class of 1972